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Promotional items are an essential component to every successful exhibit. The data proves that these giveaways not only spread brand awareness, but increase foot traffic as well. Having an engaging, well trained brand ambassador or booth host driving booth giveaways have proven to be a success lead generation strategy. What is more interesting is that these immediate leads are not the only positive impact they have. Studies have also discovered the long term benefits that many exhibitors don’t consider when purchasing their promo gear. If your company is deciding on the type of promotion items to purchase for your next booth, keep these long-term advantages in mind.

Think Long Term about your promotional item’s impact

If you’re giving away a product that adds value to the attendee’s life, that item will likely remain in their home for months after the trade show. A study was conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute, finding that on average, recipients keep promotional items for 6.5 months after the day they receive it. This is a powerful statistic that proves the long term influence of your trade show investment. The length of use for each promo item will vary depending on the product (a pen will be tossed away faster than a calendar, for example). Nevertheless, an average use of six months is an impressive amount of time to have your logo floating around someone’s house. When planning, selecting, and purchasing your promotional gear, make an effort to focus on the long-term benefits.

Promotional Items with More Utility Translate to More Brand Exposure

The higher the quality of your promotional items, the greater your exposure will be. That same ASI study also concluded that 77% of Americans are willing to keep promotional items if they feel the product will be useful. This is important to keep in mind when choosing the gear for your next exhibit. If your giveaways don’t seem practical to attendees, you’ll probably find them in the hotel trash bins on the last day of the convention. If you’re going to give something away, be sure it’s an item your customers will feel compelled to keep.

The ASI study found that almost 86% of people polled could remember the specific company that provided the promotional product they kept in the house. This statistic in itself should justify your investment toward the highest quality gifts for your customers. If you give attendees something useful, they’ll not only keep it around, they’ll remember you for it.

Higher Quality Items Get Passed Along, Expanding Your Booth Reach

Even if your promotional item is functional and convenient, not every attendee will need it. Maybe they already received a similar product at another booth, or maybe they own an item at home that they love to use. Either way, this scenario is out of your control. But you can thwart these attendees from tossing your product away — if your item proves to be high-quality, there’s a good chance they’ll feel compelled to pass it along to someone else.

The ASI study showed that 63% of people who were given a product they did not want, ended up giving it away to someone else. So, even if your item doesn’t add value to a one attendee, your investment will not necessarily be in vain. In fact, it might have an even greater impact when it’s passed along to a friend or family member who didn’t attend the trade show. This tiny act of sharing doubles your exposure and allows your brand to reach customers it couldn’t previously access.

As you can see, giving attendees a high quality promotional item will do so much more than just attract them to your booth. These little giveaways can have an remarkable marketing impact outside of the convention walls. The data proves that if your promotional product is functional, practical, and unique, there’s a high probability that attendees will keep your brand around for months to come.