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Talent are freelance event professionals who offer their services to the general public. Anytime you work with CRE8 Agency LLC, you are working as an independent contractor and not as an employee of CRE8 Agency LLC. This means you have the exclusive control over the means, method and details of fulfilling your obligation. Talent have the legal right to control the details of how the services are performed. You agree to assume all responsibility for withholding any applicable federal, social security, state, and city taxes and for procuring public liability. CRE8 Agency LLC will not be responsible for providing you any form of insurance. CRE8 Agency LLC assumes no responsibility for any loss to person or property.

Additionally, you are not prohibited from working events with other companies similar to CRE8 Agency LLC as indicated in the Independent Contractor’s Agreement.


We do not display your last name for your protection


You must submit at least four photos to be considered. The descriptions are there to serve as a guideline. You must submit at least one photo of you smiling with teeth. No selfies or photos with instagram type filters.  





The first city, state you are available to work as a local.

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You may list multiple educational achievements here. Include discipline of degree and name of institution.

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Provide a short bio about yourself between 50-250 words. This may include your goals, how you got started in the industry, description of your personality, hobbies, what makes you unique and anything that makes you a strong event talent. Also be sure to include any special skills and touch on your trade show and promotional experience. 


Please review your application before you hit "Submit".