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It’s often difficult to stand out on the expo floor. Trade shows have become the pinnacle of face- to-face marketing — thus, most large exhibitions will attract hundreds of companies to the trade show floor. Without a unique way to stand out from the crowd, your company’s booth will be lost in a sea of lackluster branding, colors, and products.

Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You

As you plan for your next exhibition, sit down and create a truly unrepeatable and compelling way to draw attention to your booth. Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box when fleshing out new ideas. It could be anything from a unique graphic or booth design, to a captivating product demonstration or fun activity that attendees can participate in.

Why is your company different from others in the industry? Find ways to express that to attendees. By standing out in a way that is congruent to your company’s vision, you’ll not only attract attendees but you’ll allow them to quickly grow comfortable and trust the integrity your brand.

One great way to make your presence known is by hosting a mini-event or a contest for attendees. Doing this will allow your brand ambassadors to bring personality and life to your exhibit, getting people excited and huddled around your space.

Effective Social Media

Create a social media campaign centered around your trade show appearance. You could create a Twitter hashtag with the expo title, or produce a short YouTube video that gives a glimpse into what attendees can expect at your exhibit. Be sure to make these promotional tidbits easily shareable, and encourage your followers to do so. Social media can also be a great tool to increase your booth traffic by offering an incentive to followers who stop by.

Keep your subscribers up to date with any exciting plans on your exhibit schedule. What’s happening? Are you launching any new products? Let them know! Make these efforts on social media feel personal by taking time to respond directly to followers who have questions or comments about your booth. Adding this personalized, human element will make your customers feel valued and more likely to visit your exhibit.

Location-Based Technology

Location-based technology is becoming a remarkably accessible and useful marketing tool. Whether people use apps on their smart phones or other wearable devices, there are numerous ways to incorporate location-based tech into your exhibit experience.

Utilizing this form of social media creates an irresistible incentive for people who love using location-based tech. Start by creating and promoting a Foursquare location at your booth — you could even provide an exclusive offer to attendees who check in. This adds value to the attendee’s experience while simultaneously promoting the existence and location of your exhibit space.

Promote Internally

Never overlook the value in promoting your trade show appearance internally. By publicizing your booth throughout your company, it will boost morale and awareness surrounding the event. This small investment can yield a great return and improve the success of your exhibit. Even if an employee’s job is unrelated the expo, they can still add value.

For example, by keeping members of your sales and marketing teams aware of your booth, it gives them the opportunity to share that information with new leads. If any prospects live in the city that is hosting the trade show, your team could recommend stopping by the exhibition for a consultation or to chat with your staff.