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A trade show attendee is aimlessly wandering the expo floor when they slow their pace, noticing your booth in the corner of their eye. They didn’t plan on stopping — in fact, they’re unfamiliar with your brand — but something about the atmosphere of your booth entices them to walk over.

They approach your exhibit space, allured by the quality of your display, branding, products, and staff. The space is beautiful and well lit, capturing their attention so intensely that the expo floor seems to melt away.

They glance up from your merchandise display and notice your brand ambassador smiling their way. The inviting smile makes the attendee feel warm and comfortable, so they decide to ask about your company. Your ambassador provides an eloquent overview of what your company does, and the attendee realizes it fits their needs. And just like that, you’ve acquired a new customer.

Here are a few ways to create an enticing exhibit atmosphere that will make the previous scenario become a reality.


Your layout should be visible, accessible, and functional for both attendees and booth operators. In most cases, simple is better. Although it may be tempting to develop a unique or complicated booth layout to draw attention, the layout’s functionality should be the central focus. A cool- looking booth might entice attendees to stop and stare — but if it’s difficult for your staff to navigate and keep command over, it will be counterproductive and impede the experience.

Be deliberate with the location, size, and quality of your merchandise displays and product demonstrations. These should be clearly visible to attendees, without feeling visually overwhelming, unorganized, or gaudy.

Style and Color

Your trade show exhibit should be a unique representation of your brand’s image and distinct character. Use colors, shapes, and styles that are congruent to your vision and will support the atmosphere you want to create for customers. Your color scheme, logos, staff attire, and displays should all be in alignment to the ideas your company wants to bring to life.


Proper lighting is an invaluable tool to support a positive exhibit atmosphere. Effective lighting technique is often overlooked by exhibitors — don’t make this mistake when designing your booth. A well-lit space not only attracts attendees’ eyes, but it creates a sense of quality and reliability.

Lighting is a remarkably effective way to direct the attendees’ focus. If you’re showcasing a new product, utilize lighting to highlight and guide peoples’ eyes toward your latest offerings or product demonstrations.

Keep in mind: brighter isn’t always better. Blinding attendees with too much light will overwhelm them and make your booth difficult to withstand for long periods of time. Also, harsh lighting will be mentally taxing for your booth staff and diminish their stamina. So, use any additional lighting in moderation, keeping it deliberate and functional.


Music is a powerful, often subconscious aspect of an exhibit’s atmosphere. With music, it’s less about getting it “right” and more so about not doing it wrong. Selecting the volume, song genre, and playlist energy depends massively on the trade show you’re at — from the location of the event, to the demographic of attendees.

At a large convention center, blasting tunes at your exhibit might add more distraction to an already chaotic environment. In a smaller, more intimate space, music might improve the mood and create a comfortable energy. If you’re uncertain about how or if you should utilize music at your next booth, it’s best to focus on other elements that will improve the aura of your space.

Booth Staff

Human beings are the most influential factor of any exhibit’s atmosphere. These are the people who bring it all to life. Without skilled brand ambassadors who can maintain positive energy, your layout, style, lighting, and music will fall flat and lose their allure.

Staff your booth with beautiful men and women who are poised, inviting, and enthusiastic. They should be masters of body language and social dynamics, with a thorough understanding how to properly engage attendees and attract new leads.

Along with social skills, your booth talent should be experts of your company. By being educated on your brand, products, and mission, ambassadors can create a unique exhibit experience that is tailored for your company and customers.

Atmosphere Is Everything

When planning and designing your next exhibit, place more focus on the overall aura you want your customers to experience when they’re at your booth. Each of these pieces — layout, style, lighting, music, and staff — are subtle influences that can make a huge difference when attracting new customers.