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There’s an app for everything. People want their information and they want it quickly. It’s almost as if smartphone apps are becoming less of a luxury and more so an extension of brands and individuals.

It’s likely that your company already has a dedicated smartphone app. Small businesses all over America are making their presence known on touchscreens — the barrier for developing these apps has been practically eliminated. For a small investment, there are countless developers who can create a useful, functional, and visually appealing app for your brand.

These apps are incredibly effective tools for trade shows, allowing you to keep in touch with customers and disseminate information about your exhibit. The content is direct, intimate, and personalized. If you’re considering developing an app to promote your trade shows, here are a few things it should include.

Trade Show Schedule

Your app should provide easy access to your company’s trade show schedule. This should include general information, such as the days and times your booth will be active and the location of the exhibition. Along with this, cover the times for any intriguing announcements, product demonstrations, or interviews happening at your booth. By presenting this information to your users, they can better plan out their trade show experience. If, for example, there’ s a product demonstration they’re interested in seeing, they can now manage their day around that time and make it to your booth. They’ll thank you for making their day a bit less chaotic and unpredictable.


Allow prospects to schedule an appointment with your booth staff on your app. This is a fantastic way to entice new customers to visit. By offering them a more intimate booth experience, they’re more likely to feel appreciated and impressed by your customer service.It proves that you value their time and want to dive right into the content they desire. This small gesture might incline a high-quality prospect to schedule a one-on-one meeting when they are pressed for time.

Booth location

Prominently display your booth number and location, along with a photo of your exhibit so users can keep an eye out for it. If possible, utilize GPS services. By taking advantage of location- based tech, you can create a map of the expo floor and help attendees see their location in relation to your booth. You can also send push notifications, unique offers, or schedule reminders to users who are in your vicinity. As location-based apps become more and more popular, there’s countless ways to use GPS as a way to attract attendees to your booth. Be creative!

Demo Videos

In the app, make demonstration videos easily accessible for users who are interested in specific products. Whether your demonstrations were recorded at a previous trade show or in a studio, it’s massively beneficial to make these videos available in the app. If the demo video is recorded at a previous convention, it might compel them to stop by and see it in person. These videos will give users a better glimpse of the quality and utility of your products. If you don’t have demo videos available, the user will likely search YouTube or Google for them, anyway. Thus, you might as well include videos in the app — this keeps the customer less distracted and more inclined to buy.

Product Information and Purchasing

Along with product specifications and demonstrations schedule, also inform users on how they can purchase your products. Can they buy them in the app? At your booth? On your official website? No matter what method you use, make sure it’s comprehendible and accessible within the app. The researching and purchasing process should be seamless for the user. If the steps for purchasing feel confusing, redundant, or vague, the customer will likely close the app and continue on with their day.

Start New? Or Implement?

You don’t have to develop an app specifically for your trade show appearances. In fact, a trade show specific app might be fruitless if it’s not marketed correctly. If your company already has a dedicated smartphone application, consider ways you can implement your trade show information into it. This will be of massive value to trade show attendees.

For example, you could use location-based services to pinpoint all of the users within a 30-mile radius of the trade show and send them a push notification about the event. This is an effective, personalized way to get in touch with customers in the area. Let them know what you’re up to and provide a specific incentive for users who visit your booth.