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What is the difference between a brand ambassador and a promotional model?

There are a lot of different terms people use for the various roles in the event staffing industry. It is easy to be confused by the diverse and inconsistent ways people use staffing agency lingo. As event staffing professionals, we wanted to help set the record straight on two different event staffing terms that are often used interchangeably: brand ambassadors versus promotional models.

Both brand ambassadors (often referred to BAs in the biz) and promotional models are both experiential marketing positions, however, they are two distinct and separate roles. Both are hired to provide direct face-to-face interaction with consumers in an effort to drive demand for a product, service, concept, and/or brand. Where the two roles differ is in required skill set and technique.

Brand ambassador roles are generally more demanding, as they require more training and product knowledge. A brand ambassador’s job is to elevate brand awareness through conversation, information, and enthusiasm. While BAs are still typically very physically attractive, they cannot rely solely on their looks to succeed at an event. Presentation, personality and product knowledge are essentials to being a successful brand ambassador.

Promotional models, on the other hand, typically appear a certain way in order to generate the desired brand association in the consumer’s mind. It is important to point out that this does not necessarily mean looking attractive in a skimpy outfit. It could very well be an elegant evening gown at an upscale event to connect a brand with class and sophistication. The main aim of a promotional model is to raise brand awareness, drive the brand image and make the brand more appealing to consumers.

Brand ambassadors rely more on interaction while promotional models rely more on appearance to drive a company’s face-to-face marketing strategy. Brand Ambassadors are the complete embodiment of a company and brand through product knowledge, passion, demeanor, appearance and values. Promotional models are meant to simply fit a “role” and play a part for a marketing ploy. It is key that they fit this role perfectly during the duration of the event, but there are not many (if any) demands outside of that.

Although their roles are different, most promotional models also are able to preform the duties of a brand ambassador and vice versa. Other terms often used in the industry include spokesmodel, ambience models, trade show model, which we will cover in a future post.

Enlisting the services of local event staffing professionals is a great way to extend your company’s reach in multiple markets. If you would like more information on brand ambassadors, promotional models and how their services can help extend your company and brand’s reach at various events and markets, contact us today!