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OMEGA Watches: Providing Connoisseurs in Hospitality for an Executive Brand Experience

Hostess Agency, Event Staffing


OMEGA Watches is a luxury watch company with a strong branding image of tasteful, elegant excellence.

The Challenge

The team at OMEGA was planning an event for high-level and C-level executives in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. To help them introduce the brand, they needed a team of brand ambassadors and event hostesses who embodied the nature of the brand; that poise, professionalism and refinement that OMEGA Watches are known for. The brand ambassadors & hostesses had to be well-spoken, articulate and solution-oriented so they could serve the needs of the high-ranking clientele.

The Solution

In preparation for the event, we sourced nine hospitality professionals to welcome OMEGA’s guests.

When the event attendees arrived at LAX, they were greeted by Manuela, an elegant event hostess who welcomed the guests to a cocktail hour at the OMEGA store in the airport terminal. Manuela used her warm and congenial disposition to charm the guests and place various watches on their wrists.

During the events at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, eight brand ambassadors served as hospitality staff. The brand ambassadors were stationed in groups of two at the OMEGA hospitality desk, available to answer questions and provide an optimal experience for all of the guests. Should a guest have a question about dining options, for example, the team was there to help.

Meanwhile, a big highlight for the OMEGA guests was a six-hour tour through the greater Los Angeles area. Brand ambassadors Amanda and Keyanna accompanied more than 30 guests as they visited landmarks and celebrity hotspots. One guest remarked that the ladies brought the tour to life for the guests.

The End Result

This welcoming environment and personalized service made the event all the more memorable for the attendees.

“Your Brand Ambassadors exceeded my expectations,” says Silvia Cardinali, Omega International’s Events Consultant. “Their attitudes and work ethics were all extremely good. They really made our guests’ experience what it was.”