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The Advantages of Trade Show Collaboration

The expo floor is viewed as a competition between companies to attract attendees. This perspective requires exhibitors to outshine their competitors by finding bigger and better ways to entice attendees to stop by their booth. But the landscape of marketing has...

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The Long Term Impact of Trade Show Giveaways

Promotional items are an essential component to every successful exhibit. The data proves that these giveaways not only spread brand awareness, but increase foot traffic as well. Having an engaging, well trained brand ambassador or booth host driving booth giveaways...

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Characteristics of A Great Booth Staffer

When hiring your booth staff, there are a few characteristics and skills that you should view as pre-requisites for the job. Anyone without these competencies will lack impact in a selling environment as unique as the trade show floor. On the surface, it might feel...

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Why Face-to-Face Marketing is Worth The Investment

In a world where you can connect with customers with a click of a button, it's easy to question whether exhibiting at a conference is worth the investment. But even as online communication continues to improve, thousands of companies make the decision to appear at...

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Can An App Increase Your Trade Show Success?

There's an app for everything. People want their information and they want it quickly. It's almost as if smartphone apps are becoming less of a luxury and more so an extension of brands and individuals. It's likely that your company already has a dedicated smartphone...

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6 Ways To Engage Trade Show Attendees

What's the best way to get a conversation started on the expo floor? Even the most experienced brand ambassadors will struggle to answer this question. Why? Because face-to-face marketing is unique, in that every single interaction relies on a number of factors: the company, the industry, the products, and the customers. read more

3 Tips For Better Booth Staff Training

Trade show booth staffers face one of the most difficult selling environments possible. First off, they are dealing with thousands of mysterious attendees who may or may not have heard of your brand. Secondly, these prospects fly by at a fast rate. This can lead to a polarizing trade show environment that is overwhelming to the inexperienced. read more

Five Steps to Effective Trade Show Selling

Studies prove that the majority of trade show attendees are there for one reason: to discover new products and services. These people are so hungry for the latest and greatest that they invest money every year to attend their favorite conventions. It's your duty as an...

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4 Mistakes That Will Make Your Booth Invisible

The trade show marketing process is like an onion. At its core, it's about face-to-face communication and the creation of relationships. But in order to reach people on that human level, you must first peel away the outermost layer: the visual. Every layer of the...

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5 Pre-event Tips to Maximize Exhibitor ROI

In order for your company to yield a meaningful return at your next trade show, it's crucial to leverage every resource at your disposal. It's easy to be so focused on the exhibition that you overlook the resources that are accessible prior to the show. Most of these...

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Improve Your Trade Show Relationships

Face-to-face marketing is all about creating and maintaining relationships. In order to succeed on the expo floor, you'll have to be skilled at developing relationships with other human beings. Many companies leave exhibitions feeling unhappy with their networking...

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How To Create a Positive Booth Atmosphere

A trade show attendee is aimlessly wandering the expo floor when they slow their pace, noticing your booth in the corner of their eye. They didn't plan on stopping — in fact, they're unfamiliar with your brand — but something about the atmosphere of your booth entices...

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Six Common Trade Show Mistakes

If you're exhibiting at a trade show, your goal is simple: yield a worthwhile return on your investment. In order to accomplish these tasks, there's a lot of things you need to get right. But it's just as important — if not more important — to avoid doing certain...

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Humanize Your Brand

In a world where we are connected more than ever, it's startling to see how many companies still feel hollow or insincere. Most large businesses remain cryptic and are often vilified or portrayed as untrustworthy. One reason these brands fail to maintain a positive...

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Stand Out On The Expo Floor

It's often difficult to stand out on the expo floor. Trade shows have become the pinnacle of face- to-face marketing — thus, most large exhibitions will attract hundreds of companies to the trade show floor. Without a unique way to stand out from the crowd, your...

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5 Exhibitor Tips for Saving Time

If you're an experienced exhibitor, you probably maintain a consistent trade show routine. You know the drill: handle the pre-show promotion, train the staff, set up the booth, attract and manage new leads, tear down the booth, and follow-up with prospects. Your...

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